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Oversized Sneaker in WHITE/BLACK

Alexander McQueen’s iconic Oversized Sneaker has seen a number of bold changes, and now the British brand has taken it one step further with a redesigned monogram marker.
The white smooth calfskin leather lace-up sneaker is adorned with a contrasting handcrafted laser print and signed by Alexander McQueen. The sneaker features Oversized Sneaker in WHITE/BLACK oversized flat laces and an oversized rubber sole. The tongue of the shoe is adorned with Alexander McQueen’s signature. Oversized rubber sole with signature stamp design. The sneakers also come with an additional set of laces.

The marker craze started back in 2018, when artists and the public began using black paint or sandpaper knives to customize their sneakers, among other things, and add black outlines to their objects. Now, Alexander McQueen has redefined the trend with his latest Oversized Sneaker offering, which features a premium white leather upper covered in a black outline detailing the classic shapes found throughout the design.

Black lines adorn everything from the holes in the middle panel to the laces and sole, giving the shoe a cartoonish aesthetic. Contrary to the DIY decor, the label adds its nickname to the silver and silver tongue and heel tabs, highlighting the delicate serif font it uses.

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Oversized Court Trainer in OP.WHI/WHI/PATCHOULI

I’m reviewing the Alexander McQueen oversized sneakers that have been popular for a while! This style has been in use for years, but is currently very popular in the trend department, and for good reason! They are white smooth calfskin lace-up sneakers and are finished with a metallic heel detail. You may remember them as everyone’s favorite iridescent sneakers from last Oversized Court Trainer in OP.WHI/WHI/PATCHOULI year! I’ve commented on all of these shoes! So read below and check out the photos to see what I think!
I’ve been drawn to these sturdy, bright white designer sneakers for a long time, but it wasn’t until I saw these that I found a sneaker that I thought was cool. I love the fact that they combine the old Adidas vibe with the current sleek look. They’re oversized as they are, which makes these Alexander McQueen sneakers look really amazing. As you can see, they are striking and the first thing that drew me in was the colorful backing that you can get. It’s a unique feature that I think makes them stand out from all the rest! The round toe and thick laces remind me in some ways of the 90’s or early 2000’s, but in a more modern style. They are tightly constructed and very sturdy so they won’t warp and I’m sure they will maintain that look throughout their life cycle. It’s also one of those designs that goes with everything, including jeans, shorts, skirts and dresses! They are so versatile! I think the minimal branding of the little logo on the back and on the tongue would also be ideal, it’s not on the top!

Typically, for those of you who know me or read my reviews regularly, I have very sensitive and blister-prone feet and I don’t like wearing shoes that cause discomfort. I was worried about these at first because reading online I was told that the toe box dug into their foot, the tongue pressed into the front of the ankle and they were stiff, which was a very valid concern for me. I decided to give them a try and see if they hurt, but thankfully they didn’t! A pair of designer trainers who actually don’t get hurt! Sure, I can feel the tongue against the front of my ankle due to the longer design, but it’s soft enough that it doesn’t rub or cause any pain in it. Sure, I can feel the inner area where the toe frame meets the laces of my left foot when I’m walking quickly, but that’s because the shoe doesn’t bend or wrinkle, so it doesn’t deform. It’s not painful, at best I would say mild discomfort sometimes, but otherwise you won’t feel it. They are comfortable to walk in, I don’t even wear socks, and the back of the heel is padded with super soft leather, so no eve.